Farewell Pigger Pigger

15 Oct
 Last night we said goodbye to our dear friend Pigger Pigger. His joints had stiffened and his little legs weren’t able to support his large body any more without causing him immense pain. We made the decision to put him down on our own terms before things got worse or he fell and had a tragic ending. We gave him a  pizza to eat, his favorite food, and I said goodbye to him, told him he was a good, good pig, the very best, that we would miss him terribly, that we would have so may stories to tell Storm about him when she was older. I put Storm in the pack and took a walk up on the hill as the sun was setting. Jason stayed by Piggers side.
I stood and looked out over the untouched spaces, wide open chaparral, the baby asleep on my back, the sunset brilliant against the mountains. The sound of the shot cut to the bone, made my heart ache.
When I walked down the hill in the dark, tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat, I stopped and watched Jason silhouetted by the spotlight, bent over, digging Piggers grave, knowing his heart was breaking over this last kindness he could give to our little pig, that of a swift end, at peace, at home with his family. Pigger Pigger, oh how we will miss you.


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2 responses to “Farewell Pigger Pigger

  1. Martha

    March 26, 2012 at 9:53 am

    I only met Pigger once, probably 6 years ago, but he left a very deep impression. My ex and I came out to buy a pawlonia tree. Pigger met us at the gate, escorted us up the hill to meet Iris and see the plants. Pigger waited until we were finished looking at plants and then came over to say hello to me. I put my forehead against his and KNEW that this was a very special creature, intelligent, aware, gentile — I felt an amazing vibe from him! As years passed and some hard events unfolded, I never forgot Pigger though I seriously did not remember where the house was, even what plants I bought, Iris’ complete name, nothing, but the details of Pigger’s face, his little tusks, his coloring, size and manner I remembered in detail. I think it was love at first sight for me and I was very sorry to hear of his death. Putting down a loved animal is not easy, but always right when he can no longer be himself. I’m glad there is a new pig.

  2. Martha

    March 26, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    GentEEL..though under the circumstances gentile is kind of funny in a sick way. I was pretty affected by the blog post and all the spelling synapses dyed.


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